Decking Cleaning Essex

Whether it has been installed to form a garden patio area or maybe a feature area detached from the property, decking tends to look great short term, but unless reguarly maintained it can soon look grubby, dirty and suffering from loss of colour. In a worst case scenario, particuarly if it is North facing, decking can become covered in algae and surface growth, leaving it very slippery and dangerous when damp or wet.

Cleanseal specialise in decking cleaning in Southend in Essex and surrounding towns such as Westcliff, Thorpe Bay, Rochford, Leigh on Sea, Canvey Island and Rayleigh. Our cleaning equipment is designed to deeply clean the decking without producing the ‘striping’ effect given by normal power washing. All algae and dirt is readily removed restoring the natural finish of the wood, it can then be re-treated with decking sealer to protect the surface and give it that ‘just installed’ look.

When first laid, paving slabs on patios look great, but due to the porous nature of most paving slabs that it is generally not long before algae and lichen tend to form on the surface. At best this can lead to them to looking green and in need of attention, at worst they can become slippery and dangerous.